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Before the Spray

How Do I Prepare For My Airbrush Tan?

When booking your Airbrush Spray Tan appointment, pay attention to when you need it for! Your spray should be only one or two days before your event to get the best part of the spray on the day of your event. 

The day of your spray tan appointment, do not put any chemicals or products on the body or face. This includes, makeup, lotions, sprays, moisturizer.s You want to show up completely chemical free, or the chemicals on the skin will block the spray. You also should not shave or exfoliate the day of your spray tan appointment, as it will leave scratch marks on the body and cause the spray to not come out to it's full potential.


After the Spray

How Do I Care For My Airbrush Tan?

Caring for your Airbrush Spray Tan is not as difficult as it seems! 

For 8-24 hours, you do not want to get your spray tan wet or put any products on your body. After 8 hours you can shower and just rinse, no products. *If you see bronzer coming off in the shower, don't panic! This is just the DHA, your tan will still be there!*

After 24 hours, you can start to use products on your face and body. But there are restrictions! You don't want to use any products that are made with mineral oil. Mineral oil will strip the tan! A lot of common products are made with mineral oil, so be careful what you are using. We will be carrying Body Wash, Moisturizer, & more aftercare products for Airbrush Tans very soon! 

After the 24 hours, you want to make sure that you are moisturizing your skin, but not with a moisturizer that has mineral oil again! Keeping the skin moisturized will help your spray tan last longer. 

-No exfoliating

-No razors with moisture strips

-Hot tubs, baths, etc, will shorten the life of your spray tan

-Spray tans do not protect against the sun! Keep applying sunscreen, just check the ingredients!